Co-creation of solutions

Co-creation means tangible, actionable solutions owned by people on the ground

Engaging with the entire organisation

  • Engage through workshops, working groups, and one to one conversations
  • Hear the organisation’s view of current challenges

Generating ideas

  • Identify potential solutions
  • Generate a roadmap of initiatives

Highlighting barriers

  • Use on-the-ground insights and experiences to foresee barriers

Prioritising best solutions in partnership

  • Assess impact and feasibility based on the context of the organisation

Focusing efforts

  • Work with a core group (operational and clinical leads) to prioritise focus
  • Develop specific workstreams and initiatives in prioritised areas

Tangible implementation plans

  • Agree processes and KPIs to review and refine initiatives
  • Tangible and clear actions, timelines, owners, and milestones


  • Buy-in to develop solutions and commitment to implement across the organisation