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Our selection process is multi-stage and rigorous. It involves tests, personal experience interviews, case studies, and ‘field’ visits with observations. We evaluate not only IQ and EQ, but also team spirit and fit, leadership potential, ethos, and motivations.

This selection, combined with professional development which is a top priority and an explicit ongoing task, means that we have succeeded in creating a culture of excellence alongside a sense of real trust and mutual support.

Focus on one of the biggest challenges facing the world

We are experts in health and social care improvement. If your passion is transforming healthcare and if your modus operandi is excellence, speak to us.

Develop top-notch consulting skills

We relentlessly drive for excellence in our problem solving capabilities and core consulting skills. This means that your job will be hard but equally you will constantly be on a steep learning curve.

Gain unparalleled client exposure

From day one, you will be working with client teams at all levels: hospital or commissioner executives, doctors, nurses, operational teams, and social care workers.

See change happen in real time

You will be working “shoulder to shoulder” with our clients driving changes and you will see first-hand how strategy is translated into reality on a daily basis.

Benefit from daily exposure to senior leadership

Our senior leaders spend a significantly higher proportion of their time on the ground, compared to senior staff at bigger consulting firms. This provides opportunities for you to learn and benefit by working directly with them.

Take on high levels of responsibility

We are a small firm: each one of us takes on a broader role and more responsibilities early on, relative to peers in larger consulting firms.

Help shape the future of the firm

We are a young firm: there are a lot of opportunities for you to be entrepreneurial and drive innovations in how we serve our clients and help to shape and build our firm.

Be in a supportive and fun environment

We are a tightly-knit team working in a truly collaborative way, constantly helping each other. Most importantly, we maintain our sense of humour throughout the day – even when the job gets tough.
TN delivers distinctive transformations because it develops distinctive consultants. Any client study we work on is also a targeted developmental opportunity for our people. You will continuously learn on the job, supported by our structured professional development (PD) process, and supplemented by classroom-based training.

Shadowing a team

Upon joining TN, you will spend the first two to three weeks shadowing one of the teams at a hospital. This is the most effective way for you to quickly get up to speed on how we and our clients work, before delving into reading documents and performing analysis. This experience is designed to immerse you in the various areas of care and provide you with the opportunity to directly observe how different care pathways work, including their bottlenecks and pain points. It will also enable you to see how our team works and engages with clients.
  • It will also enable you to see how our team works and engages with clients. You will shadow discussions with senior management, bed meetings with operational teams, board rounds with doctors, etc.
  • You will participate in our team problem solving discussions and experience first hand how we approach a problem and develop a solution

Getting assigned to a study

You will then be assigned to a study and a team and will have an experienced consultant acting as your buddy. You will work with an Engagement Manager, while receiving support and mentorship from your buddy. You will start developing an in-depth knowledge of healthcare datasets and working on core consulting skills such as issue identification, structuring a problem, written communications etc. In parallel, you will focus on an area of care and work closely with clients to drive changes.

Professional development

We have a dedicated PD manager and a structured professional development road map supported by our PD playbook
  • PD Playbook: We go out of our way to clearly identify and describe the skills, capabilities, and mindsets we expect you to develop as a successful consultant. They are all captured in our PD playbook, which we use not only for our semi-annual reviews (SARs) but also for our frequent feedback discussions. We have taken the concept of “excellence” and broken it down to specific areas such as problem solving, client leadership, values, mindsets, etc. This playbook is designed to help you understand what you need to develop by when, and track your progress.
  • PD Manager: Although we are a small firm we have the luxury of a dedicated PD manager, who closely follows and supports your development through informal discussions, feedback sessions, and more formal reviews. Our PD manager also monitors your overall wellbeing and provides support throughout.

In-classroom training and offsites

We run dedicated training sessions and offsites where our consultants share insights and best practices from different studies. These offsites are designed to take our teams out of the regular working environment to create the space and time to think, reflect, learn and connect with each other. We share insights and learnings generated across different projects so that when you get on a similar project you will not be wasting time re-inventing the wheel. You will already have the basic knowledge required to hit the ground running on day one.

Knowledge & expertise

As you build up your core consulting skills, we will encourage you to identify an area for developing real expertise in. This could be an area of clinical operations (e.g., mental health) or a functional area (e.g., change management). You will develop knowledge and capture it in materials such as “how to” guides or practice documents. We will encourage you to become the “go-to” person for our team and our clients.

Stages of career development

Depending on your qualifications and previous experience, you will either join TN as a Business Analyst or a Junior Associate. As a Business Analyst or a Junior Associate, you will typically lead a workstream on a study, with support from a more experienced Associate and an Engagement Manager. It will take between two to four years for you to gain the skills and experience required to become an Engagement Manager. As an Engagement Manager, you will be able to lead a team of three to five people on highly complex transformation programmes across a health system or at a healthcare provider, involving hundreds of people.
Sharp thinker

who enjoys using data to generate insights and who constantly applies critical thinking.

fast learner

who has a strong aptitude for acquiring new skills and a commitment to learning in a fast-paced environment.

Humble learner

who is open to progressing with the direct support of the rest of the team and who will utilise direct real time feedback in a positive way. Someone who does not let their ego interfere with their development.

Team player

who is willing to go the extra mile to support and develop our team and our clients.

people influencer

who derives energy from changing the mindset and behaviours of other people.

Postive doer

who always has a “can-do” attitude no matter how hard the situations gets and stays motivated to overcome any obstacles to transformation.


who is not afraid to roll-up their sleeves and who has the emotional energy to start new things.

Step 1

We invite you to submit your CV and a short cover letter online, so that we can build a basic understanding of your experience, credentials, and motivation.

Step 2

If we think you have the potential to be good fit for our team, we will invite you to attend the first round of our interview process. This involves an interview with one of our Senior Associates and also a problem solving test designed to assess your critical reasoning and numerical skills.

Step 3

If you are successful in the first round, we will invite you back for the final round where you will have two further interviews; one with our founder and one with an engagement manager. Each interview lasts approximately one hour and consists of a case study and personal experience discussion. In some cases, these interviews will take place at one of our clients’ sites where you will have the opportunity to shadow our team and see us in action
CV screen
Review of candidate CV and cover letter
Application questions
Review candidate answers to application questions
Phone interview
Conversation with a member of the team
1st Round
Aptitude test
Numerical test (15 mins)
Verbal reasoning (15 mins)
Two Associate or Engagement Manager interviews
Personal interview (35 mins)
Case study (35 mins)
2nd Round
Engagement Manager interview
Personal interview (35 mins)
Case study (35 mins)
Director interview
Personal interview (35 mins)
Case study (35 mins)
3rd Round
Cultural fit assessment
Join the team on a client project (1 day)
If our work excites you and you think you have the potential to join us...
Apply now