Partners in health and
social care transformation

At Transformation Nous, we believe sustainable change can only happen when staff in a health organisation or system - the senior management team, doctors, nurses, and operational teams - are fully aligned on the need and the urgency to change. For any solution to deliver impact, staff need to be able to contribute their own thoughts and opinions and they need to be empowered to take ownership to drive changes.

Our primary focus as a management consulting firm is to engage with staff at all levels within a client organisation to first define the vision and the strategy and then translate it into real solutions. We then work on the ground, side by side with our clients to implement and deliver operational, organisational, and cultural change.

We believe that distinctive consulting does not deliver just robust documents. It delivers real change.

Distinctive problem solving

We combine advanced analytics and on-the-ground observations with our detailed knowledge of healthcare data to accurately identify performance issues. We use our sharp thinking and problem solving skills to generate superior insights. And we do it fast!

Bespoke solutions

We build on our extensive experience in transformations and evidence-based best practices to co-create practical and yet comprehensive solutions which are fully owned and thoroughly tested in the real world by our clients.

Supportive client leadership

We embed our team across all levels of the client organisation to engage and mobilise people. We create alignment, drive changes, and build capabilities – we do it every day, by working alongside our clients.

We continuously challenge and push our clients’ thinking, beliefs, and practices. Our analytics and technical expertise are just tools. The power to change emerges from the way we work with people.

Relentless drive for excellence

Whatever we do, we drive for excellence! We don’t do work across every area of healthcare. However, in the areas we do, our philosophy is that our change management, analytical, and technical capabilities need to be second to none.