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Partners in innovative health and social care transformation
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Transformation Nous was founded in 2015 with a simple vision: combine distinctive "traditional" consulting skills such as problem solving, issue identification, structuring and analytics, with true implementation and change management expertise. This ambition continues to drive who we are and what we strive for.

Our teams aspire to deliver distinctive presentations and strategic insights in the boardroom but are, in truth, more enthusiastic about delivering real change on the ground.

We help clients across the health and social care sector

TN has led several large-scale transformation programmes in NHS hospitals, ambulance services, commissioners, social services, and independent providers. Our work spans a wide range of areas such as emergency, community, and social care, and functions such as implementation, change management, strategy, and organisational development.

Our approach is unique

Our approach goes beyond diagnostics and analytics, as these mean little without tangible, implementable solutions that are owned by the client organisation.

We leverage technology to make these solutions digital; therefore enhancing effectiveness and sustainability.

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