Change management

Successful change management involves shifting mindsets and behaviours of large groups

Embedding within teams on the ground

  • Develop understanding of how people think and feel
  • Learn ways of working and history of the organisation

Aligning thinking and direction

  • Develop acknowledgement and acceptance of core problems
  • Generate consensus on root causes of problems
  • Create a shared vision of how we need to change

Building coalitions

  • Mobilise a coalition of actors to initiate change
  • Identify champions, influencers, and potential blockers
  • Develop ownership of solutions and the changes required

Problem solving barriers

  • Problem-solve a co-designed solution
  • Refine changes and address / overcome any challenges

Reinforcing and holding to account

  • Introduce process confirmation
  • Review progress on a daily/weekly basis to create transparency
  • Support team to learn and influence others, increasing critical mass

Enhanced working culture

  • Changes to mindsets and behaviours
  • Accountability and transparency across teams
  • Alignment of thinking and ownership of problems