TN teams have worked across the broad range of functions in both NHS and independent hospitals

Transformation Nous began by delivering large-scale Emergency Pathway transformation programmes in hospitals, involving hundreds of stakeholders across dozens of teams such as ward teams, ED, and site management. This is still one of our core areas of work.

Since then we have also delivered programmes of work in planned care, transfer of care, and providing support during the Covid pandemic.

Improving the emergency care pathway is a task for the whole system

Our hospital work addresses effectiveness and efficiency of the hospitals ‘internal machine’

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Acute Trust
Site management
Fixing the conveyor belt
Acute medicine and ED
Productivity, new acute model, ward operations
Medical engagement, ward operations
Medical engagement, blueprint of pathway, ward operations
Ward operations, SAU pathways
Operational grip
Senior ops running the pathway
Transfer of care
Community, social care

Planned care

Our most significant work in planned care began with the Covid pandemic and charting a course to recovery. This is the most significant challenge facing the NHS right now.

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Identify and agree best practice implementation of protocols

  • A1 Agree to set and implement consistent industry-wide common practice
  • A2 Agree best practice with senior operational, clinical and IPC leads in the industry, challenging government guidance
  • A3 Implement consistently across all independent providers and sites

Increase operational productivity and efficiency

Utilise five areas of initiatives to mitigate delay drivers, capacity restrictions and additional costs

  • B1 Capacity
  • B2 Technology
  • B3 Workforce
  • B4 Scheduling
  • B5 Pathway

Shift mindsets

Crucial enabler required to realise the full potential of both A and B

  • Understand the mindsets that are causing the delays
  • Address these mindsets to move teams along the road to recovery

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