Hospital strategy development 2020

Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health


The Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health (MPoH) was required to review its 5-year hospital transformation strategy document. This strategy document is presented annually to foreign donors to support access to development funds.


The strategy document was developed through:

  • Understanding issues on the ground by collaborating closely with local teams and MoPH leaders
  • Utilising UK expertise and network to gain expert insight in specific strategy areas e.g., Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)
  • Utilising expertise in international hospital systems and best practice of operational delivery to tailor health care strategies to Afghanistan’s context and priorities.
  • Extracting international guidance from existing policy and strategy documents published by funding institutions. Analysed international best practice published by alternate healthcare systems

For the strategy to lead to successful implementation the resulting policy needs to be developed in a cyclical process, incorporating learnings from the on going implementation


Developed 8 pillars of strategy reflecting MoPH’s priorities and generated comprehensive implementation plans for each.

  1. Service Delivery
  2. Workforce
  3. Mindsets, Behaviour & capability
  4. Essential medicines
  5. Data, Info & Digital
  6. Governance
  7. Resources
  8. Finance & payments

Established guidance on how existing policy directions can be utilised to deliver the recommended strategy.

Recommended framework of governance, reporting, and accountability to deliver transformation plans of the strategy.