TN Digital

Delivering change digitally through bespoke tools to meet the specific needs of healthcare organisations

Our story

2020 was transformative for TN.

During the first wave of Covid, a TN team delivered an entire Covid response programme digitally. In response to a 200% increase in patient demand, TN supported a regional ambulance service to rapidly recruit and deploy extra resource and expand services at pace to deal with the Covid challenge.

Another TN team of 6 people worked on site in an acute hospital transforming operations to minimise nosocomial infections and maximise patient safety. This included agreeing cohorts of Covid patients and how patients are allocated, transferred, and tracked in real-time through the hospital.

Although physically present, they developed a suite of digital tools which provided the insights required to manage the site in response to the Covid pressures.

We began to see how digital solutions, when applied to a specific problem, can be incredibly effective. However, in this new context, getting under the skin of how people work is still incredibly powerful because it allows you to develop digital solutions that are not one-size-fits-all, nor off the shelf. They truly respond to a specific challenge of our clients.

Leveraging technology and specificity in this way means being able to deliver impact at unprecedented pace and scale.

This was how TN Digital was born.

Transformation Nous is uniquely positioned to develop digital tools for healthcare

Our ability to create digitally enabled solutions comes from our expertise as management consultants dedicated to healthcare

Cultural understanding

How healthcare professionals work and think

Deep operational knowledge

Teams are embedded in all layers of healthcare organisations

Distinctive capability

Issue identification, creative problem solving, analytics, structuring


Comfortability with innovative technology

Digital solutions to operational challenges

We offer digital tools specifically tailored to your needs

Traditional digital tools are designed using one-size-fits-all ideology, leading to processes being disrupted to fit around the tool. Our Agile approach involves you in every step, resulting in a tool that directly meets the organisations needs and is firmly embedded within its processes

On the ground implementation

Tailored development

Problem solving

Problem solving

Tailored development

On the ground implementation

We will work with your teams to co-design the processes and digital tool to best fit your specific needs

  1. Identify the challenge with the existing processes
  2. Dissect the problem and break it into its key drivers
  3. Define which drivers will be addressed by the digital tool and which need alternative support
  4. Design the initial structure of the app and its process

We develop the tailored digital tool, testing and refining throughout

  1. Develop the detail of the tool and processes
  2. Iterate features and processes with guidance from potential users

We will support your teams to improve your processes and embed the tool

  1. Improve existing processes not replaced by the tool
  2. Work with key stakeholders during the tools implementation
  3. Provide continued support while the app becomes fully embedded