Your development and career progression

TN delivers distinctive transformations because it develops distinctive consultants. Any client study we work on is also a targeted developmental opportunity for our people. You will continuously learn on the job, supported by our structured professional development (PD) process, and supplemented by classroom-based training.

Upon joining TN, you will spend the first two to three weeks shadowing one of the teams at a hospital. This is the most effective way for you to quickly get up to speed on how we and our clients work, before delving into reading documents and performing analysis.

You will then be assigned to a study and a team and will have an experienced consultant acting as your buddy. You will work with an Engagement Manager, while receiving support and mentorship from your buddy. You will start developing an in-depth knowledge of healthcare datasets and working on core consulting skills such as issue identification, structuring a problem, written communications etc. In parallel, you will focus on an area of care and work closely with clients to drive changes.

We have a dedicated PD manager and a structured professional development road map supported by our PD playbook

We run dedicated training sessions and off-sites where our consultants share insights and best practices from different studies. These offsites are designed to take our teams out of the regular working environment to create the space and time to think, reflect, learn and connect with each other. We share insights and learnings generated across different projects so that when you get on a similar project you will not be wasting time re-inventing the wheel. You will already have the basic knowledge required to hit the ground running on day one.

As you build up your core consulting skills, we will encourage you to identify an area for developing real expertise in. This could be an area of clinical operations (e.g., mental health) or a functional area (e.g., change management). You will develop knowledge and capture it in materials such as “how to” guides or practice documents. We will encourage you to become the “go-to” person for our team and our clients.

Stages of career development

Depending on your qualifications and previous experience, you will either join TN as a Business Analyst or a Junior Associate. As a Business Analyst or a Junior Associate, you will typically lead a workstream on a study, with support from a more experienced Associate and an Engagement Manager. It will take between two to four years for you to gain the skills and experience required to become an Engagement Manager. As an Engagement Manager, you will be able to lead a team of three to five people on highly complex transformation programmes across a health system or at a healthcare provider, involving hundreds of people.