Why TN

In addition to our background and expertise, what makes us unique are our values.

We only do health and social care and we are very good at it! If your passion is transforming healthcare and if your modus operandi is excellence, speak to us!

We relentlessly drive for excellence in our problem solving capabilities and core consulting skills. This means that your job will be hard but equally you will constantly be on a steep learning curve.

From day one, you will be working with client teams at all levels: hospital or commissioner executives, doctors, nurses, operational teams, and social care workers.

You will be in the “trenches” with our clients driving changes and you will see first-hand how strategies are translated into realities on a daily basis.

Our senior leaders spend a significantly higher proportion of their time on the ground, compared to senior staff at bigger consulting firms. This provides opportunities for you to learn and benefit by working directly with them.

We are a small firm: each one of us takes on a broader role and more responsibilities early on, relative to peers in larger consulting firms.

We are a young firm: there are a lot of opportunities for you to be entrepreneurial and drive innovations in how we serve our clients and help to shape and build our firm.

We are a tightly-knit team working in a truly collaborative way, constantly helping each other. Most importantly, we maintain our sense of humour throughout the day – even when the job gets tough.