Application process
Step 1:

We invite you to submit your CV and a short cover letter online, so that we can build a basic understanding of your experience, credentials, and motivation.
Step 2:

If we think you have the potential to be good fit for our team, we will invite you to attend the first round of our interview process. This involves an interview with one of our Senior Associates and also a problem solving test designed to assess your critical reasoning and numerical skills.
Step 3:

If you are successful in the first round, we will invite you back for the final round where you will have two further interviews; one with our founder and one with an engagement manager.
In some cases, the final interview will take place at one of our clients’ sites where you will have the opportunity to shadow our team and see us in action. Each interview lasts approximately one hour and consists of a case study and personal experience discussion.

If our work excites you and you think you have the potential to join us...

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