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Jonny McDaniell

Jonny joined TN in 2016 and has helped deliver a range of projects across several health economies. He is now one of our Engagement Managers operationally leading projects on the ground, and has a particular interest in delivering transformation in acute hospitals and emergency care, working side by side with clients at all levels of an organisation to embed change, and create a culture of accountability and discipline.

Jonny focuses on change management, co-designing operating systems and processes with our clients, defining structure and building capabilities within teams, and bringing a cultural change in the way people think, feel and conduct themselves both individually and collectively.  He is particularly interested in doing this not just through top-down formal programme structures, but also through a bottom-up approach, working with the nursing, medical, and operational teams ‘on the ground’ every day. By combining a detailed understanding of services such as the emergency pathway with an in-depth knowledge of the culture of hospitals, Jonny knows how to challenge and take clients at all levels of an organisation to the next stage,bringing them along in the journey.

In addition, Jonny has recently been assisting our clients in their COVID-19 response. This includes helping organisations enhance their operational processes to deal with the increased pressures and complexities of COVID and to capitalise on windows of opportunity to improve existing services, in some instances radically changing traditional systems and ways of working.

Prior to joining TN, Jonny worked as an Operations Manager for a start-up business in the retail industry, engaging in and leading business strategy and optimisation projects, and building relations with wholesale customers. He holds a BA in Biology from Bristol University.

Jonny is also a keen sportsman, having previously played water polo at a national level.