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Fereshta Qayumi

Fereshta joined TN in 2019 and has focused on change management capability building to deliver operational transformation in emergency care. She amalgamates her clinical and problem-solving skills to identify root causes of inefficiences and align clients to co-develop and deliver sustainable solutions. 

Fereshta is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to invigorate and mobilise clinical and operational teams on taking their first steps towards tangible actions and sustainable results. She believes in engaging and empowering clients and teams at all levels to embed a culture of discipline, transparency, and accountability. She has applied this mindset when working in emergency care programmes, in particular to model, plan and implement surgical pathway redesigns.

Fereshta has also developed an interest in building “on the ground” strategies and “top-down” PMO structures supporting acute trusts to stabilise clinical and operational processes during pressures such as COVID. She has enjoyed being at the forefront of a crisis-management COVID project helping develop patient-tracking tools and design PMO-level governance and reporting frameworks.

Prior to TN, Fereshta spent 5 years on the NHS frontline, as a Therapeutic Radiographer at UCLH, planning and delivering cancer treatments as well as delivering multidisciplinary radiotherapy training. She holds an MSc in International Health Management from Imperial College London and has managed women empowerment projects in for IBH and delivered mental health projects for MIND.

Weights and food are Fereshta’s best friends. If she is not thinking about her next workout, she is probably deciding on her next meal. She speaks 6 languages and enjoys reading and writing poetry.